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Let’s take some time to step away from all the COVID19 stress, worry, and chaos… let’s inject some FUN into our lives with COLOR!

We are having a contest for both kids and adults! Let’s face it, we all need some color and brightness in our lives right now. Below are three coloring pages you can download and print at home. Two options for the kids and one for the adults.

The best part is that Dancenhance Entertainment is going to be giving out prizes as folks enjoy this fun. Some super awesome prizes too!! So download, get your crayons or markers and jazz up your day with some bright colorful FUN!

Dancenhance DJ ColoringPage Dancenhance Karaoke ColoringPage Dancenhance Adult ColoringPage

 Brain-training puzzles keep our fans' minds sharp and healthy. How many differences can YOU find? Don't forget, we are still giving out super awesome prizes too! #supportLocalNWA

Dancenhance SpotDifference Dancenhance SpotDifference WebFriends Dancenhance Adult SpotDifference

 The object of each word puzzle is to find the listed hidden words. The words may be hidden in any direction: horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and forwards and backwards. Have fun & enter to win prizes from local businesses! #supportLocalNWA

Dancenhance Friends WordSearch Dancenhance SuperHeroes WordSearch Dancenhance Adult WordSearch

Maze addiction starts early but it's a healthy choice for the brain. Mazes are good for building problem solving skills at an early age. But also just hours of fun with paper and a pencil which we think is much healthier than playing computer games! Don't forget that entering to win helps support our local businesses while you win prizes too! #supportLocalNWA

Dancenhance Bee Maze Dancenhance Fingerprint Maze Dancenhance Life Maze

Connect the Dot's! lalala We still have other fun activities ahead! Do let us know what you'd like to see & don't forget that entering to win helps support our local NWA businesses while you win prizes too! #supportLocalNWA

Dancenhance StarGazing ConnectDots Dancenhance Constellations ConnectDots Dancenhance Adult ConnectDots

Everybody seems to be talking about Tiger King these days. Our fans are no for those that requested Tiger King. Here Kitty Kitty! Keep those entries coming in & we promise folks will be excited with the prizes. Don't forget to #supportLocalNWA PS - on your smartphone, google tiger then scroll down to view in 3D so you can share an AR Tiger King family photo!

Dancenhance TigerKing ColoringPage Dancenhance Adult TigerMaze How To Draw A Realistic Tiger Head

Easter is a special time to celebrate. Here are some activities to keep the Easter tradition going for your household. Parents do let us know if you'd like an Easter Bunny parade or an Easter Bunny photo...we have social distancing option available! #supportLocalNWA

Dancenhance EasterEggs Dancenhance Easter WordSearch Dancenhance Bunny ColoringPage

Once finished, we want to see all the fun. Plus we have some really awesome prizes to send out to some folks. So once done, please do the following:

1. Snap a photo of it!

2. Share it to facebook or instagram and tag us at DANCENHANCE ENTERTAINMENT

3. Email or Text us your photo! Email to or text us at 479-871-8710

4. We will be awarding prizes!

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