Community Outreach, Sponsorship and Donation Requests

At Dancenhance Entertainment, we truly care about the communities in which we conduct business. We feel that our company has a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of each local community.

Thus, Dancenhance works proactively with local governments and organizations to ensure that the company plays a positive role in Northwest Arkansas & the River Valley. We provide charitable contributions in support of local organizations and events, support staff volunteer activities, and create our own programs to meet the unique needs of our community.

We at Dancenhance value the cultural diversity of Northwest Arkansas & the River Valley - the "recognition of intellectual, cultural and social diversity and respect for difference as forces for cross-cultural understanding and social cohesion" is one of Dancenhance's core values.

Dancenhance pursues philanthropic activities that support the arts, education, and local neighborhoods. Key goals include: strengthening community, expanding opportunity and encouraging responsibility. Requests for sponsorships and donations to worthy causes can be submitted to Anna Huynh.

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