Brain Art Painting

Creating art using only your brainwaves.

Dancenhance Brain Art Painting Experience offers everyone the joy of self-created art and the rich discussions that frequently spark from its creation. Using an EEG headset to collect your Neuro Waves for analysis of how you're feeling, we are able to project your emotions as abstract artwork on the digital canvas. Let your mind take over and begin creating artwork based on your art style and color palette, coupled with your conscious and unconscious cognitive thoughts and emotions. The artwork is not only by you, but also of you...bringing a piece of yourself forward into the world in a new, real, and artistic way. After you've painted, you get to sign your new masterpiece as you are an artist!

The beauty of painting using your brain is that there's no mess, no artistic ability required, and it can be created quickly. A typical session takes minutes. When you're done painting, we simply remove the headset from your head. NOTE - For this to work well, we need unobstructed access to the forehead and left earlobe. You get a small take-away print with a scan-able QR code so you can view your entire session snapshots whenever you want and to share with others.

Styles: Mood Bloom & Ink Thoughts

Mood Bloom Braintone Art

This style generates a continuous flow of modern shapes which bloom in color and form based on the your immediate emotional fluctuations. The new shapes burst off the canvas in the location of your concentration while older shapes slowly fade into the background to make room for new art.

Ink Thoughts Braintone Art

Drawing from the discipline of psychology, this style is a modern take on the visually striking Rorschach inkblot test. Working across a vertical plane, Ink Thought's dynamic style displays two mirrored images developing simultaneously. The ink drops where you focus, bleeds, blends, and dries. It then fades slowly so you can create new mysterious forms.

Dancenhance Brain Art is perfect for corporate events, tradeshows, birthdays, non-profit events and any party that needs a creative addition to the entertainment! We’d love to send you more examples, walk you through the process, and figure out a way we can bring this unique and completely fun technology to your next special event! For booking information, please email Dancenhance Entertainment or call 479.871.8710 with your questions or with information regarding your event.

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