Caricature Artists

Caricatures Attract the Crowds

Caricaturists are wonderful artists that can create beautiful, customized drawings in a matter of minutes. It’s no wonder why caricaturists are a popular entertainment choice for a wide variety of events.

Dancenhance Caricature artists will sketch hilarious cartoon pictures of you and your guests. Not just a great time during the performance but also an original piece of art. Whether your event is corporate or private, caricatures lend the perfect touch at birthdays, conventions, wedding receptions, bnai mitzvah, banquets, trade shows, holiday parties, late night graduation parties, corporate functions, mall events, picnics, college events…you get the picture!

  • Quick Sketch - Marker: B&W or Color
  • Detailed Sketch - Pencil or Pencil with Airbrushed Color
  • Digital Color Quick Sketch
  • Caricature Styles: Full Face, Profile View, Full Body, Backside, Hit N Run & MORE
  • Paper & Print Sizes

Pre Printed Paper or Templates - We can design and produce these with your logo, marketing message or personal greetings. We print and bring them to the event for a small fee. We draw the caricatures on these sheets or use the template for digital caricatures.

Digital Caricature Artists

Dancenhance Caricatures offers On site live digital drawing event services. We can hook up to one or more monitor devices so you can see the artist live drawing or a slideshow of completed sketches. Each sketch only takes a few minutes and couples can be drawn together. Customizations include guest names, digital backgrounds and company's logo and phrases. Attendees can have a print keepsake that they will always cherish. Put our high quality color prints inside badge holders so attendees can wear their caricatures and spread your message to hundreds more. Download site insures that prospective clients can retrieve their digital copies and share them on social network sites. Multiple Artists available.

For booking information, please email Dancenhance Entertainment or call 479.871.8710 with your questions or with information regarding your event.

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