Fortune Tellers

Look into our crystal ball...

Your guests will love hearing what our fortune tellers can tell them about their lives and futures. Plus, can you think of a better ice breaker than talking to the other guests about your fortune reading? It'll give them something to talk about, that's for sure!

Our Fortune Tellers will mystify and delight your guests. Some of our Fortune Tellers use tarot cards, some use runes, and some use tea leaves! We have palm readers, phrenologists, psychics, numerologists, mystics...  With one-on-one private readings, everyone will come away with a special memory of your event and something exciting to talk about with their friends!

Perfect for Halloween carnivals, themed get-togethers, kids’ parties, school fairs and other types of festivities, Fortune Telling offers a unique and whimsical way to entertain guests. To book a Fortune Teller for your next event, please email Dancenhance Entertainment or call 479.871.8710 with your questions or with information regarding your event.

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