The art of magic dates back thousands of years and still remains one of the most mystifying arts of our times. From centuries of study and development, magicians have an infallible set of tricks available and new ones are created all the time. Due to the nature of practicing magic (and its ability to be customized for small or large audiences) it is an excellent choice of entertainment for all kinds of events. With the countless ways that magic can be performed, it is an ideal choice for all kinds of endeavors!

Our magicians make your event special! They thrill adult audiences with their stage magic, entertain children at birthday parties, enchant everyone with strolling sleight of hand tricks. Whether you would like a stage magician, a birthday magician, or a strolling magician, we have the right one for you.

When hiring a magician for a party, you want to think about a few things in advance.

Is your event a child’s birthday party? If it is an adult’s event, are you better off with a strolling magician or a show?

A strolling magician wanders from group to group or table to table, performing sleight of hand tricks using cards, coins and small props. Usually they maintain a steady stream of comic patter to accompany the magic, and they require little or no space, since they are constantly roaming. The strolling magicians are ideal for events that need entertainment for a long period of time, where people are not seated and are not all able to pay attention at once, such as a dance or a picnic or a late night project graduation.

Our magicians who perform shows require some space: a stage is ideal. Their performances are more elaborate, the props larger, the magic more intricate. Time length differs from magician to magician and according to the type of show, but generally the shows last from twenty to thirty minutes. All eyes are focused on them and shows are best for banquets, holiday parties, corporate events…any event when everyone is able to watch at the same time.

Finally, we offer special shows with special rates for children’s birthday parties. The magic is geared to the age group and can be coupled with balloon animals for each child. Audience participation is always a big factor.

Is your event formal or informal? Make sure to let us know so your magician doesn’t show up in black tie for your barbecue.

Is there a special theme to your event? Given adequate notice, sometimes our magicians can tie in a theme to their performance. Would you like your magician to be a wizard? A witch? Let us help make your event memorable!

To bring the MAGIC to your event literally, please email Dancenhance Entertainment or call 479.871.8710 with your questions or with information regarding your event.

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