Casino Night Parties

Why Gamble With Anyone Else?

No need to “roll the dice” and take a chance on getting poor quality casino entertainment. You won’t lose your shirt. Dancenhance Casino Parties brings the excitement of real casino action to your event or party. We provide top quality equipment, professional dealers, great service and competitive prices. Dancenhance Casino Parties is a verified member of the National Association of Casino Party Operators (NACPO).

Dancenhance Casino Parties features the regions largest variety of casino party games. Classic Core Casino Games: Blackjack for classic casino fun, Craps to bring an extra element of real casino action, Roulette adds a flavor of European gaming, the always popular Texas Hold’Em Poker, and the sounds and interaction of Slot Machines. Traditional Favorites Casino Games: Baccarrat, Money Wheel, Chuck A Luck & Derby Horse Racing. Specialty Casino Games: War, Rock Paper Scissors, Red Dog, Pai Gow and more!

Dancenhance Casino Parties can distribute logo’d vouchers or raffles if you would like to give away prizes for top scores, but no one loses money and everyone has fun! Our dealers can also give quick lessons to guests on how to play any of the games!

From a small gathering in your home to huge events, Dancenhance Casino Parties can accommodate with fast paced casino excitement poising your event for major success. Our skilled team can organize corporate events, fundraisers, private parties, Texas Hold’ Em poker tournaments and many other occasions. We even can provide other additions to enhance your Casino party such as decor, DJ, Lounge Singer, Bingo, Photobooth or even a Cash Cube Money Machine!

Cashing Out

We suggest you supply prizes at the conclusion of your Casino event. We normally cash-out with each dealer 15-30 minutes before the end of your Casino Event. We like to keep the raffle tickets simple, so we normally have $500 in chips equal 1 raffle ticket. You may change this amount, but it is best to keep it simple for your guests.

Looking to add Las Vegas Excitement to your next party or event - Dancenhance Casino Parties can make your next Casino Party, Event or Fundraiser something memorable for you and your guests. Dancenhance Casino Night Parties serving Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas. For booking information, please email Dancenhance Entertainment or call 479.871.8710 with your questions or with information regarding your event


Casino Night Party Blackjack

Everyone knows how to play blackjack, also known as 21, this game is certainly the most well known of all casino card games and a must for any true casino party. Plus with seating for 6-8 at each table blackjack tables are an efficient way to provide casino gaming action opportunities for everyone at parties of all sizes. Our professional dealers are experts at teaching players and helping them throughout the night to maximize their fun! Blackjack tables are a must at any casino party!

Casino Night Party Craps

Nothing defines casino action quite as well as craps – the very popular dice game brings fast paced excitement and is by far the favorite game of many who enjoy casino games. Fast action highly recognizable casino game that gives your guests chances to win multiple ways on everything throw of the dice. The great thing about having craps at your casino party is that playing for fun gives guests a chance to learn the game they may have always wanted to learn. Our portable craps tables provide real casino fun for your guests and add casino authenticity to any party!

Casino Night Party Roulette

A spinning roulette wheel and large payouts on every drop of the ball is certainly a big part of authentic casino fun. The spinning wheel, the bouncing ball, over 40 ways to bet – roulette is as synonymous with casino fun as just about anything. With expert dealers to help your players learn the game, roulette is a great part of any casino night event.

Casino Night Party Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Poker is played by more people than any other game in a casino – who hasn’t played in a home poker game with friends? Bring that fun and excitement to your party with the added touch of a professional dealer to run the game. Having a poker table at your party will be welcome sight to your guests.

Casino Night Party Three Card Poker

An exciting new poker game which is fun, fast-paced and easy to learn - Three card poker has all the excitement of standard poker combined with the speed of regular casino games! Add this new classic to your casino party fun!

Casino Night Party Money Wheel, Wheel of Fortune or Big Six

Want that authentic Las Vegas look for your casino party, then this is the game for you! The wheel click click..bringing fun and excitement as guests bet their chips on sections of the wheel. Our croupier teaches guests the object of the game and how to play.

Casino Night Party Chuck A Luck

All the fun and excitement of craps but easy to learn and fast to play. Players bet on certain dice combinations to win big - Play the field, 3 of a kind, or bet the numbers. The dealer spins a large cage with 3 dice to reveal the numbers. Perfect beginners game!

Casino Night Party Horse Derby Racing

Our Horse Racing casino game brings all the excitement of horse racing to you. As our trainers line up the horse figurines, complete with famous names, place a bet on your favorite to WIN, PLACE or SHOW. At the sound of the starting bell, they’re off! Hold on to your betting slip and cheer your horse to the finish line. This is a great addition to any casino event.

Casino Night Party Slot Machines

Slots are a great addition to any casino party. If you're looking to create a real casino atmosphere then slots are the perfect finishing touch. The first thing anyone experiences when they enter a casino are the flashing lights and musical melodies from a chorus of slot machines. By adding just a few slots you can bring that excitement to your casino theme party. They're also a great activity for children, the lone gambler, or simply the slot lover at your event. If you're looking to create a real Vegas feel to your party then don't forget the slots!

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