Yard Lawn Games

Outdoor lawn games and backyard games are extremely versatile, appeal to groups of all ages and can be played anywhere. Most of the games listed here are conducive to tournaments, single or double play and the rules can be adapted to fit your time, space and group. Dancenhance Yard Lawn Games offers many games of leisure for you to enjoy at your next Backyard Barbecue, Company Picnic, Birthday Party, Neighborhood Block Party, Taligate Party, Family Reunion, or other special event.

Weddings: The current hot wedding entertainment trend is to offer guests some fun lawn games to play as a wonderful unique way of entertaining your guests. A few lawn games placed around the venue, will keep things lively and fun! Guests can mingle and get to know each other over an exciting game on the lawn. There really is no rules on what lawn games work better at a wedding than another it really comes down to what sort of space you have available to you and personal childhood favorites! 

Volleyball ∙ Baggo / Cornhole ∙ Washer Toss ∙ Ladder Ball ∙ Bocce Ball ∙ Croquet ∙ Badminton ∙ Horse Shoes ∙ Ring Toss ∙ Kan Jam ∙ Beer Pong ∙ Tug of War ∙ Water Balloon War ∙ Soccer Darts ∙ Dunk Tank and MORE!

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