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Sunday, 03 March 2019 20:51

Hula Hoop Dancers

Dancenhance offers a variety of hula hoop dance entertainment for all audiences, gatherings and celebrations of all types. Hire traditional or modern Hula hoop dancers for your next event! Want novel entertainment: someone to serve drinks while hanging from the ceiling? How about a human disco ball? LED, glow, vintage circus, burlesque, cabaret. Options for adults, family, children... corporate, holiday... formal, funky. Tell us what you wish for. Allow us to make it happen!

We also can offer a variety of hula hoop related activities for kids' parties, schools, summer camps, adult parties, college events, conferences and other various entertainment events plus supply hoops for guest lessons and participation. 

When hiring a hula hoop dancer for a party, you want to think about a few things in advance.

Is your event a child’s birthday party? If it is an adult’s event, are you better off with a strolling hooper or a show?

A strolling hooper wanders from an area with a cluster of guests to next group of guests while hooping for mini short performances. The strolling hoopers are ideal for events that need entertainment for a long period of time, where people are not seated and are not all able to pay attention at once, such as an intermission or a cocktail hour or a street festival.

Our hoopers who perform shows require some space: either an aerial focal point or a stage is ideal. These performances can be more elaborate and the tricks more intricate. Time length differs based upon the musical song and according to the type of show, but generally the shows last from twenty to thirty minutes. All eyes are focused on them and shows are best for banquets, holiday parties, corporate events…any event when everyone is able to watch at the same time.

Finally, we offer special shows with special rates for children’s birthday parties. The hooping is geared to the age group.

Is there a special theme to your event? Given adequate notice, sometimes our hoopers can tie in a theme to their performance. Would you like your hooper to be in a special costume? Let us help make your event memorable!

Perfect for Corporate Events, Weddings, Social Occasions, Festivals, and Carnivals, Dancenhance Hula Hoopers are sure to delight and amuse audiences of all ages and sizes. You'll never forget this timeless entertainment! To book a Hula Hooper for your next event, please email Dancenhance Entertainment or call 479.871.8710 with your questions or with information regarding your event.

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