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Thursday, 21 February 2019 21:40

Giant Etch A Sketch Game

Classic Etch-a-Sketch now GIANT SIZED!

Let guests get creative in a BIG way with a Dancenhance Giant Digi E Sketch game rental. The Classic Etch A Sketch was created in the 1950s and this iconic retro toy remains popular even today. Children and adults alike love discovering the magical world of creativity possible with an Etch A Sketch. Now we've SUPERSIZED the fun with our Giant DigiSketch featuring the classic Etch A Sketch iconic red frame & white knobs but with a 42" screen, guests can play this classic game, but on a massive scale.

The Dancenhance Giant DigiSketch Game Rental version of the classic Etch A Sketch is powered by participants skill and imagination. Perfect easy creative outlet for events: just let imaginations go wild and then slide to erase to magically draw over and over again! Create a giant piece of art with our giant etch-a-sketch unit. Our DigiSketch will surely make your guests smile! 

We have a huge selection of giant game rentals. Let Dancenhance impress your guests with all of our oversized game rentals. We can deliver our Giant Etch A Sketch Game Rental and all our other fun giant games.


Space Requirements: 6 ft x 6 ft with an 8 ft high minimum

Power Requirements: standard power outlet

Dancenhance can deliver a Giant DigiSketch right to your door, so your event guests can draw and relive the past! For booking information or rental of our portable Giant Etch A Sketch game, please email Dancenhance Entertainment or call 479.871.8710 with your questions or with information regarding your event