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RVI Drumline

Drumline at it's finest - feel the energy!

Percussive entertainment is the ultimate live event entertainment featuring professional drumming and showmanship. From the time the drumline enters the performance arena, you know that you are in for a treat. Dancenhance Entertainment is a proud partner of RVI Percussion Ensemble from Northwest Arkansas. Featuring a unique combination of drumming, choreography and visual comedy, RVI’s performers create an inventive and invigorating show that's dance, music and theatrical performance blended together in one electrifying rhythm. These unique performances reflect "Stomp!", "The Blue Man Group", the movie "Drumline", and everything in between.

Drummers can perform to anything or by themselves:

  • Recorded tracks: Familiar, Popular Upbeat Songs
  • With a live DJ
  • Songs Themed to the Event
  • Drummers only: original cadences, grooves, freestyle and soloists


  • General Session Surprise Opener/Closer
  • High Impact Pre-Rehearsed Choreographed Routine
  • Lead in the CEO, Keynote, Sales Directors with Festive Pageantry
  • Cocktail Hour/Lead Guests to Dinner/Awards
  • Award Ceremonies - Perform as recipients walk up to receive awards
  • Parade Through the Event - Conventions, Trade Shows, Fairs, Carnivals
  • Lead Guests from One Event or Hall to Another
  • Greet Guests Upon Arrival
  • Sporting Events or Sporting Themed or Events
  • Grand Openings, Ribbon Cuttings, & Product Launches
  • Wedding Receptions & Marriage Proposals
  • Graduation, Birthday, & Anniversary Parties

Performance Ensemble Options:

RVI Drumline

  • The coolest dudes rocking out on a variety of portable drums
  • Hip, contemporary, urban, perfect with electronic or recorded music

Old School Drumline

  • Similar to the movie, “Drumline”
  • “Old-school” marching band uniforms including hats or helmets
  • Throw-back, classic, perfect with any type of music or presentation

Trashcan Gang

  • Similar to the Broadway show, “Stomp!”
  • Performing on trashcans, buckets, barstools & anything else they can find
  • Metropolitan, raw, perfect with any type of music or presentation

Interactive Drumming

  • Let everyone play!
  • Along with featured performances, our drummers will bring lots of extra sticks and instruments for everyone to stop by, learn a few beats and tricks and play along!

YOUR Drummers!

  • Customize your very own Drumline, Trashcan Gang or Interactive station
  • All music, uniform parts, drums heads and drums branded to your event’s specifications

Mixed Drummers

  • Create a custom selection of any Dancenhance Drumline, Trashcan Gang or Interactive stations

About RVI

RVI was founded in 2010 and serves to provide world-class musical opportunities and educational experiences to young musicians in the greater Northwest Arkansas area. RVI's drumming and percussion-based ensembles have attracted some of the most talented players in the region and facilitated performances all over the US. As a competitive unit, RVI was the very first ensemble from Arkansas to compete at the 2012 WGI Indoor Drumline World Championships in Dayton, OH finishing Runner-Up in the Semifinals contest in their division (IA). In 2013, RVI was again nearly the World Champions by finishing 2nd at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) Small Ensemble Contest in Indianapolis, IN. RVI 's instructors, staff and members comprise some of the only percussionists from Arkansas to perform at the highest level in the top marching music activities including DCI, WGI, BOA, and even Scottish Pipe Band.

Professionally, RVI has designed and facilitated original performances ranging from small roaming acts to large-scale stage presentations. These unique performances reflect "Stomp!", "The Blue Man Group", the movie "Drumline", and everything in between. RVI was a featured performance group at the Wal-Mart Shareholder’s Meeting from 2010 to 2014 and has twice organized a tour of New York City including performances in Times Square, Bryant Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Washington Square Park.

Dancenhance Entertainment can help you make your event an experience by creating that extra wow with Drumline entertainment! Our services are as flexible as your needs so don't hesitate to call 479.871.8710 or email Dancenhance Entertainment to check the date availability for booking your next event.

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